Spring Rolls… still delicious in autumn

spring rolls 006Jim and I love spring rolls.  Even my kids think they’re great!  I lay out dishes of herbs such as basil, cilantro, mint, chives and green leaf lettuce with sliced avocados, tofu, and cucumber.  I also cook rice noodles (vermicelli style) and I make a sauce using 1 part peanut butter and 1 part hoison sauce served either hot or cold.

To assemble the roll, dip a rice paper into hot water, turning the paper to saturate completely, and place the paper on your dish.  Place the peanut sauce across the center of the paper then place your desired toppings on top of the sauce.  Roll like a burrito.  spring rolls 005

It’s an easy, delicious way to enjoy fresh herbs and veggies and it’s always a fun meal for families and friends to enjoy!

Home grown edible flowers

camera 220camera 221Home grown edible flowers

When planting my outdoor flower pots this past spring, I decided to experiment with edibles. I planted pansies, mint, chives, and nostursium. They are fun to eat and always get rave reviews from pot lucks that we go to. Your salad bowl looks like a bouquet of flowers!

Other primates eat flowers for protein, so why don’t we? They are surly more appetizing that cows, chickens, pigs, fish ect…

Vegan Wedding!

Last June, my niece, Kendra, married the nicest guy, Alex. It was true love, expressed in the most beautiful way, a vegan wedding! They married on the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Cold, rainy, windy weather broke just in time for the two to be married under warm, blue skies. I believe […]

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture

Last March, Jim and I decided to join a CSA. We contributed $450.00 for our local farmers to get their crops started, then every Sunday of the growing season (starting in June) we get to pick up a box of local, organic fruits and veggies.

Our CSA also provides us with recipes for that week’s food. Canterbury Creek Plant Farm in Westlake, Ohio. They have a website you can go to for gardening tips.

This picture is of our first CSA pick-up. They are different every week. We’ve been getting delicious peaches and non-GMO corn lately.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in good health and or supporting local farmers join a CSA.

Bald Eagle at Bay Park

Bald Eagle at Bay Park

I’ve lived here on the shores of Lake Erie for two years now and have only caught quick glimpses of bald eagles soaring past. The last two days we’ve had long visits with this eagle. I thought it might mean something special since this has never happened before. I researched bald eagle spirit guides and this is what I’ve learned…

Bald Eagles are spiritual messengers. They represent the ability to see the big picture. They bring a community together to take action with focus, vision and power. Great things are achieved through knowledge and hard work. They bring peace and illumination of spirit.

It was so significant to what’s going on in our community right now. Bay Park is coming together to get things done after 3 years of arguing and doing almost nothing.

I don’t know if the eagle brought about this change or if the change brought the eagle to us, but either way, I am grateful for his presence here in our park!

Sprouting Adzuki Beans

Sprouting Adzuki Beans

In a 32 oz. mason jar, I placed 1/2 cup of raw, organic adzuki beans. They soaked in water overnight and in the morning I rinsed and drained them, then laid the jar on its side. The jar’s lid is a strainer lid but you can also use cheese cloth and a rubber band. So, twice a day they are rinsed and drained and the jar laid back on the side. I kept them out of direct sunlight. Now I have beautiful sprouts to put on my salad or mix with cooked rice for a rice and bean dish. It took about four days to have sprouts this big but they are good to eat as soon as you see a little sprout appear.

Avocado hair and skin treatment.

Avocado hair and skin treatment.

Lately, my hair has been a little dry. I think that the greys just grow out a little different than they used to. I was at the store looking for a product to use that would tame down the fly away, dry hair that’s been driving me nuts. I remembered seeing on youtube a video about using avos to treat hair and skin. So I didn’t buy anything at the drug store. I came home and shopped around the kitchen instead.

So I took one ripe avocado, one teaspoon of local honey, and two tablespoons of olive oil and mixed them in a bowl.

I massaged this mixture into my hair, applying most of it to my greys. I had a lot left over so I rubbed it into my face and arms and elbows.

30 minutes later I jumped in the shower and shampooed and conditioned as usual. My skin was so soft and my hair was silky! Best of all, there are no artificial ingredients and chemicals on me!

Spring has sprung in Cleveland!

Spring has sprung in Cleveland!

It’s going to be 54 degrees in Cleveland today. Time to get the spinach seeds in the ground. They love the cold weather. Last year we planted them on St. Patrick’s Day and they did great. ( It was 80 that day! )

Homemade, raw pesto salad dressing.

Homemade, raw pesto salad dressing.

Last night I made this dressing for our salad. I took about 1 cup of water, a tablespoon of olive oil, two hand fulls of basil leaves, a clove of garlic, a teaspoon of celtic salt, two table spoons of nutritional yeast, and two table spoons of raw pecan pieces and blended them on high. It was like a watered down pesto sauce. Delicious!

8 Pints of Juice

This morning I made Juice with the Norwalk Juicer and vacuum sealed them with the Food Saver with the attachment for mason jars. The juice is a mixture of cucumber, carrot, celery, beet, ginger, parsley, kale, and apples. Jim and I will be drinking this over the next couple of days.